D1 multi-wavelength scrollable image

The image above is the CFHTLS D1 field. You can zoom in and out and scroll around the image the using your mouse much like Google Maps. You can change the map to view the field at different wavelengths.

The non-CFHTLS images were produced by taking publicly available images ( see the list of Data at other wavelengths) and resampling them to the scale of the CFHTLS images. In some cases, this causes the images to be drastically over-sampled (the Spitzer MIPS data, for example) or under-sampled (the HST images). The colour images for the CFHTLS data are produced from the gri images.

You can also get a science image in FITS format (for the CFHTLS images only). Pan and zoom to the position and resolution you want, pick the filter, then click on link below (if visible).

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