Suprime-Cam Legacy Archive

These pages present calibrated and stacked data from the Suprime-Cam mosaic imager on the Subaru Telescope operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

The Suprime-Cam archive presents a wealth of data. Suprime-Cam was a 10-CCD wide-field mosaic imager with a 34×27 arcminute field of view that was operated from 1999 until 2017. Details of Suprime-Cam can be found in the Subaru Telescope instrument page.

There are over 82000 images in the collection taken from an 8-m telescope on Maunakea, one of the finest astronomical sites on earth. The images have been processed, calibrated, and stacked to produce the Suprime-Cam Legacy Archive (SCLA). The SCLA provides science ready data products, both fully calibrated individiual images and stacked images.


  • Subaru Telescope holds responsibility of all raw data and provides the raw data to CADC.
  • CADC processes raw data and provides the products through this archive service.
  • CADC runs this archive service and Subaru Telescope/ADC supports CADC to improve the service.


If you use SCLA data in your published research, please include the following acknowledgement:

Based on data collected at the Subaru Telescope and retrieved from the STARS data archive system, which is operated by Subaru Telescope and Astronomy Data Center at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. The data were processed by Suprime-Cam Legacy Archive, a service provided by CADC in cooperation with the Subaru Telescope and the Astronomy Data Center at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

and please cite the SCLA paper:

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