Archive as a Service

Archive as a Service (AaaS) refers to the process whereby the CADC provides Telescopes with storage and search capacity for the data collections and those users manage the storage of their data and creation of metadata records that describe the data. This process enables the CADC to provide hosting to an ever growing number of diverse data collections without requiring an ever growing staff to support that activity. In particular, the expert knowledge concerning the observational data is kept at the data provider, enabling highly diverse data collections to be serviced by a single data archive service. AaaS allows many facilities to preserve and distribute datasets that might otherwise not be archived.

Facilities that wish to use the CADC Archive Service should contact the CADC directly. The request must come from a Canadian university-led facility, a Canadian-led research project or a Canadian research institute. CADC will provide information on how to request a new archive. The CADC Data Preservation Policy should also be consulted.

Getting started

From an Archive Data Provider perspective, the AaaS requires one to:

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