cadc-copy Application


$ pip install cadc-copy


The CADC python tools are described with the source code in a file in the project github repository.

For the archive data provider whose observational files are stored in the local directory '/local/archive_data/obs_111.fits' the command to load the data into the archive can be as simple as:

$ cadc-copy put ARCHIVE /local/archive_data/obs_111.fits

The file obs_111.fits will then be copied up to the CADC archive system and should then accessible at, where the word ARCHIVE is replaced with the name of your archive.

Recall that

All observations stored in an archive must have a unique file name.

Successful interaction / upload will require authorization for the users account to write to the archive and for the user to have a CADC X509 proxy certificate or a .netrc file, see the file for details.

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