Gemini Science Archive

Gemini is deploying a new archive system (see here for details). This page and other CADC GSA pages will be removed at the end of December 2015. However, the CADC will continue to provide access to public Gemini data through its Advanced Search interface and Virtual Observatory services.

Gemini Science Archive Gemini GNIRS System Verification Data

Gemini GNIRS System Verification Data

Data taken as part of GNIRS System Verification (SV) are made public after an assessment period typically not longer than 2 months. You are encouraged to take these datasets and assess or use them yourself.

The available GNIRS data packages are listed below. The table includes the program reference IDs and titles, brief summaries of the data, examples of reduced data (only for some programs), and links to the observing logs and data in the Gemini Science Archive. Click on the hyperlinks to download the raw or processed data (in some cases the processing was taken to a state that allowed quality assessment and therefore may not represent the best possible reduction e.g. for scientific analysis).

The data sets are linked to GSA queries of the complete catalog, which return all raw data for the program, including all calibrations and acquisition frames.

More information about a programme can be obtained through the Gemini Helpdesk.

Useful Links:

Program Name Program Title Description of Acquired Data Reduced data
supplied by PI
Raw Data packages
The physical properties of visual binaries in the Orion Nebula Cluster: ONC 62 GNIRS+LGSAO R=18,000 2.19-2.25 micron spectrum of ON 62 2-d fits file
1-d fits file of Cmpnt A
1-d fits file of Cmpnt B
GN-2010B-SV-144 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-144 Raw Data
(52 Mb)

The 12C/13C ratio in the transiting disk of epsilon Aurigae R~18,000 spectra of CO in eps Aurigae in the 2.27-2.40 microns region at three epochs jpg of reduced
1st epoch spectrum
GN-2010B-SV-146 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-146 Raw Data
(235 Mb)
Search for Stratospheric CH4 in Uranus 3.30-3.40 micron, R~12,000 spectra of Uranus reduced spectrum (jpg)
detail (jpg)
GN-2010B-SV-148 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-148 Raw Data
(189 Mb)
GN-2010B-SV-149 Measuring Accretion in Orion Protostars with GNIRS R~12,000 spectra of the Br alpha line at 4.05 microns in eight HOPS objects
GN-2010B-SV-149 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-149 Raw Data
(707 Mb)
GN-2010B-SV-150 Planetary-Mass Candidates in NGC 1333: Reaching the Bottom of the Initial Mass Function Cross-dispersed low resolution 0.9-2.5 micron spectra of four candidate brown dwarfs in NGC1333 1-d fits file of jks23
1-d fits file of jks26
1-d fits file of jks46
GN-2010B-SV-150 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-150 Raw Data
(209 Mb)
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Herschel-selected ULIRGS in GOODS-N at the Peak of Galaxy Assembly Cross-dispersed low resolution 0.9-2.5 micron spectra of three ULIRGS
GN-2010B-SV-151 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-151 Raw Data
(583 Mb)
Approaching Normal: GNIRS spectroscopy of a gravitationally lensed compact, quiescent z~2 galaxy Cross-dispersed low resolution 0.9-2.5 micron spectrum of galaxy
GN-2010B-SV-152 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-152 Raw Data
(224 Mb)
A GNIRS redshift survey of dark gamma ray burst host galaxies Cross-dispersed low resolution 0.9-2.5 micron spectra of three galaxies whose GRBs had no optical counterparts
GN-2010B-SV-153 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-153 Raw Data
(444 Mb)
The structure of a quasar broad line region Long slit low resolution X and H band spectra of Balmer lines in a multiply-imaged quasar
GN-2010B-SV-156 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-156 Raw Data
(297 Mb)
B[e] supergiants: Unravelling the nature of their non-spherical winds Long slit R~5000 spectra of selected portions of the K and L band for two B[e] stars
GN-2010B-SV-157 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-157 Raw Data
(692 Mb)
Testing atmospheric and evolutionary models across the brown dwarf / planet boundary with benchmark objects Long slit low resolution L band spectra of two low mass substellar companions
GN-2010B-SV-158 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-158 Raw Data
(472 Mb)
Probing Two Mysteries with one Comet that is the EPOXI Mission Target Long slit low-medium resolution L and M band spectra of Comet 103P/Hartley 2 pdf of reduced L spectrum
Panel 1: ratioed
Panel 2: unratioed
target and std
Panel 3: unratioed detail
GN-2010B-SV-159 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-159 Raw Data
(269 Mb)
A near-IR relation for estimating AGN black hole masses Cross-dispersed low resolution 0.9-2.5 micron spectrum of one AGN
GN-2010B-SV-165 Observing Logs GN-2010B-SV-165 Raw Data
(51 Mb)